[Mailman-Users] importing existing archives

James Strickland james at perforce.com
Thu Feb 11 01:05:16 CET 1999

Hi.  I've installed Mailman 1.0b7 and am pleased as punch (especially
since it's written in Python, the best interpreted language ever :-) ) 
but I don't see how to import existing mail into an archive.  I looked for
documentation on this, I looked around the source a tiny bit, I looked at
the crontab, I searched the archives for mailman-users, and I just don't
see it.  Presumably it's relatively simple - plunk down a mailbox file and
run the indexing command.  Does anyone know the magic incantation required? 

Also btw, does anyone know when Mailman 1.0 is likely to come out?

Thanks in advance!

James Strickland
Perforce Software

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