[Mailman-Users] private archiving problems

deadgrrrl deadgrrrl at necrobitch.com
Sun Feb 14 03:09:43 CET 1999

I just upgraded from b7 to b8. this problem existed in b7
but I never had time to examine it...

first of all, is it okay to use the following apache srm.conf
aliases for mailman instead of the one it asks for?

Alias /archives/ /home/mailman/archives/public/
ScriptAlias /lists/ /home/mailman/cgi-bin/

(everything seems to work fine with that except the following)

Second, if it -is- okay to do that.
I'm having problems with the private archives.
Public archiving works great, but when I click on
the archive link from the listinfo page for a list
that has private archiving, I get a 404 Not Found.
I checked the file perms in the /home/mailman/archives
dir and subdirs and everything looks ok. Here's my
relevant lines in access.conf.

<Directory /home/mailman>
 Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Includes ExecCGI
 AllowOverride None
 order allow,deny
 Allow from all

The html files DO exist in the private archive dirs and
have the correct perms (or at least the same perms as
the public archive html files which work and are just
symlinks to the private dirs:))
Private html links point to
and public links point to

the httpd error log gives me this when I try and get to
the private archives:
[Sat Feb 13 20:05:30 1999] [error] [client IP.IP.IP.IP] File does not exist:

now if I create a symlink:
lrwxrwxrwx   1 mailman  mailman        30 Feb 13 20:11 private ->
it works, but then it's really no longer private as it
doesn't ask for the email address/passwd...

Is there something in particular that I should be looking for?

if this problem has been covered before, just point me
to the archives, although I've spent some time sifting
through anything with archive in the subject already...

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