[Mailman-Users] private archiving problems

deadgrrrl deadgrrrl at necrobitch.com
Sun Feb 14 16:08:05 CET 1999

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> This isn't going to work (as you already found out) for the
> private archives.

I did it the way the INSTALL file instructed.
but I knew it obviously wasn't working correctly :)
here's what INSTALL says for the archive dir.

    - Configure your Web server to point to the Pipermail public
      mailing list archives:
      For example, in Apache:
         Alias /pipermail/ $prefix/archives/public/

if this doesn't work for private archives and keep them private?
what will?

>    Alias /archives/public /home/mailman/archives/public/
>    Alias /archives/private /home/mailman/archives/private/
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this gets me the same result as putting a symlink for private in the public
yes, the private archives are accessible now, but it's supposed to prompt
for your email address and your password, which isn't the case with this

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