[Mailman-Users] member_posting_only?

Christopher Kolar ckolar at admin.aurora.edu
Wed Feb 17 23:04:00 CET 1999

At 03:33 AM 2/10/99 , Andy C wrote:
>>How does Mailman determin if a message is from a listmember if
>>member_posting_only is turned on?  I have had to turn it off for
>>some lists that I just setup because messages that appear to be
>>from listmembers (ie: From address matches the address that is
>>subscribed) are rejected.
>My belief is that it is based on the people listed as subscribers.  However,
>I have found that when I did a mass subscribe to a list (in b6 or B7 can't
>fully remember) and set the check box to not send notification messages,
>the users that I added were created without passwords.  Then when they
>tried to send a message to the list set for subscriber only posting, their
>message was held for approval.  Setting the passwords for the users seems
>to have fixed this.

I am seeing the same problem with batch-loaded users and have had to remove 
the members_only restriction on one list for the time being.  I don't see a 
means of resetting the user passwords on the admin screens (b8) for the 
list though.  Is there something that I am missing (this is my first 



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