[Mailman-Users] Site aliases

jwm at plain.co.nz jwm at plain.co.nz
Thu Feb 18 22:17:08 CET 1999

I'm getting a lot of postings to members only list from users who have 
subscribed with one name (whoever at student.canterbury.ac.nz, which is
their email address as far as they've been told) and end up posting
with another (whoever at cantva.canterbury.ac.nz, which is what the mail
host is actually called). The upshot is that they end up needing
moderator assistance to get postings to the list. 

For the record, I'm using:
         sender = msg.GetSender()

Rather than:
        sender = msg.GetEnvelopeSender()

As the default rejects almost _all_ postings (including mine :-).

So... are there methods currently (or soon to be) implemented that:

 - Change a users's email address
 - Put a site/list wide alias on certain hosts
 - Allow a user to specify a list of aliases to their email address.


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