[Mailman-Users] how to fix auto-generated archive html

paz paz at apriori.net
Fri Feb 19 10:11:02 CET 1999

While setting up my first list, I generated a few test messages to insure
the list behavior was to my satisfaction.

When satisfied, I changed the achive rate setting to "monthly" and removed
the test messages I'd posted.

Now, in spite of the original test messages being removed from the system,
Mailman continues to put links to the non-existent messages in the
archives listings. I've gone in to manually edit the html daily to remove
the references to the non-existent test messages, but they're still
re-generated daily.

Is this something I can fix? I've hunted around in the mailman home
directory for clues - log directories, script directories, etc., but so
far no luck.

I found a similar message in the Mailman users' mail list archives, but
there was no response posted that I could find.

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