[Mailman-Users] Status of "member_posting_only"???

Jeff Hahn jeffh at streek.com
Fri Feb 19 16:51:39 CET 1999

Howdy -

	Just fired up mailman 1.0b8 for a "test run" yesterday.  I'm currently
using hacked versions of SmartList/Procmail for mail list processing.  My
current lists range in size to up to 1000 members or so.  Traffic ranges up
to 500,000 deliveries/month.

	It looks to me like mailman would save me a ton of admin time, so I'm very
interested in using it.  I'm very impressed with the web interface.  No
problems installing or setting up a test list.

	I configured my test list for "member_posting_only" because I have terrible
attempted spam problems on my larger lists.  When I do this, ALL postings
come to the list admin for approval - not just the ones from non-members.

	Is there a patch or fix out there? I'd be glad to help out with the
development on this program, it looks great.

	Thanks for any help you can offer.


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