[Mailman-Users] archive features

Greg Stein gstein at lyra.org
Sat Feb 20 00:58:56 CET 1999

Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
> >>>>> "DH" == Darren Henderson <darren at jasper.somtel.com> writes:
>     DH> It would be handy if there were even some rudimentary kind of
>     DH> searching available. Perhaps its been discussed already, if so
>     DH> apologies.
> I completely agree!
>     DH> Could certainly use a different tool for archiving but there
>     DH> is a nice symetry (ie less work:) to keeping this all one self
>     DH> contained product.
> It's on the TODO list, but nobody seems to want to do much work on the
> bundled Pipermail.  Contributions are welcome!

On my "List if Interesting Things To Do" is to rip out the
mailman/pipermail interface and do it through a socket or pipe.
Essentially, have a spiffy logging process/program that is cleanly
separated from Mailman.

Next, I'll back-end the thing with MySQL and write an administrative app
on top of it (mainly to delete messages and to regen archives if a
template changes). I'd also like to revise the mail display page to have
"next in thread" type things, and show followups and whatnot. It would
also be nice to skip the archive-batch page and take you to the current
batch, with links to the previous batches or the overview of the
batches. It would also be nice to strip the prefix from the subject
lines in the mail lists, and possibly add a date on the line.
Of course, then you can integrate search engines and other funky stuff
in. It becomes much easier (on the brain) to do this when you have a
clean package separation.

It would also be nice for the community w.r.t. having a complete package
independent of Mailman.


ps. and don't ask when I might do this... let's say "later this year...
maybe" :-)  I've got a few things on deck before this.

Greg Stein, http://www.lyra.org/

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