[Mailman-Users] upgrading

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Sat Feb 20 01:03:29 CET 1999

>>>>> "GS" == Greg Stein <gstein at lyra.org> writes:

    GS> okay... I'm looking at upgrading from 1.0b6 to 1.0b8.  So, I
    GS> read the UPGRADING doc like a good little boy.

    GS> Oops. Not helpful.

    GS> It doesn't say what to do to get to the "make upgrade". Big
    GS> picture, people!

    GS> I've got three directories:

    | /home/mailman/install
    | /home/mailman/mailman-1.0b6
    | /home/mailman/mailman-1.0b8

    GS> What do I do? Go into 1.0b8 and do a ./configure and a make
    GS> and then a make upgrade? Oh, but wait... where does "make
    GS> install" happen. But if I make install before make upgrade,
    GS> then isn't there a point when my mailman system is
    GS> inconsistent?

Greg, I've think I've clarified this in the UPGRADING file I'm about
to check in.  Please take a look and see if that helps.

>>>>> "HM" == Harald Meland <Harald.Meland at usit.uio.no> writes:

    HM> Installing over an in-production Mailman is not an atomic
    HM> operation, no.

    HM> My best bet at a "safe" upgrade process would be:

    HM>   "./configure && make"

    HM>   Disable message delivery into Mailman (turn off the MTA or
    HM> whatever)

    HM>   Wait until the system is done processing any "active"
    HM> messages

    HM>   "make install"

    HM>   "make update"

    HM>   Enable message delivery into Mailman again

    HM> ... but I'm just guessing.

To be absolutely safe, you're probably right.  I never do this though
:-)  I just do configure; make install; make update.  And things
usually Just Work.

    HM> I'm quite sure that "make update" should be run _after_ "make
    HM> install", though.



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