[Mailman-Users] Mailman & QMail

Martin Preishuber Martin.Preishuber at stuco.uni-klu.ac.at
Sat Feb 20 21:09:28 CET 1999

Christian Tismer wrote:

> You must enable alias processing for qmail.
> See doc/INSTALL.alias .
> Also make sure that /usr/lib/sendmail is soft-linked to
> /var/qmail/bin/sendmail .
> A last thing which hit me for the crew list on Starship was
> the qmail dash handling. I didn't get anything through to
> starship-crew, since a user starship existed, and qmail
> tried to find a .qmail-crew settings file in the starship home.
> You can circumvent this by a couple of extra entries. I did
> the most easiest thing: Renamed the list to "crew" and it
> worked immediately.

I've already installed the fastforward package and the link
is already set up ... I've done some more testing, and on the
one hand, qmail doesn't work with aliases containing "-"
(e.g. mailman-owner: mailman)

the second is, when executing newlist and enter my email
address, some mail is sent, right ? but there is _no_ entry
in the logfile, nor do I get any mail ...


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