[Mailman-Users] restricted posting in 1.0b8 not working right

Vivek Khera khera at kciLink.com
Mon Feb 22 23:03:05 CET 1999

I'm trying out a test list, and it seems to work to let me subscribe,
but when I post a message, it always defers it saying that I'm not a
member (I have restricted posting to members only).  I don't have the
all postings must be moderated setting.

I've tried setting the SMART_ADDRESS_MATCH = 0 under the assumption
that my @kciLink.com was not matching @kcilink.com (which is how it
ends up in the list).  That didn't matter.

I also subscribed from a remote machine which has an all-lower case
domain name setting and that also let me subscribe but didn't let me

I also noticed while testing this that the detection of administrivia
to the main list address is not caught.  A "subscribe" message to the
list gets the same "you're not a member" treatment.

Is the restricted posting feature not working?  It doesn't show up in
the bugs list on the ToDo page.


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