[Mailman-Users] what's the best config for an announce-only list?

Vivek Khera khera at kciLink.com
Wed Feb 24 20:19:47 CET 1999

I have three mailing lists that are announce-only.  That is, anyone
can sign up, but only a fixed handful of people are allowed to post to 
the lists.  Under SmartList, I have it set up that anyone who is not
authorized to post gets a "you are not authorized" message.

The best I see in Mailman (1.0b8) is to make the list moderated.  But
in this case, someone has to go in and manually toss the messages.  I
don't see an equivalent flag for a user of "do not allow posting".

Is anyone else using Mailman to handle announce-only lists like this?
What configuration have you used?

Related to this, one of the lists has about 70,000 members and is
generated prior to posting from an SQL database.  Does anyone have a
command-line utility one can use to *replace* the current users list
with those from a file?  It seems to me that the users are stored in a 
db file...



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