[Mailman-Users] zope-users list on Starship and qmail hints

Christian Tismer tismer at appliedbiometrics.com
Fri Feb 26 00:06:20 CET 1999

This is a message to the qmail users,
which will now find a list qmail-users at starship.python.net
since we have a quite nice Zope test bed on the starship now.

The list is maintained by Chris Petrilli.

Why is this interesting for the mailman list?

Starship uses qmail. With qmail, every user has his own
mailboxes, and he can handle everything like myname-other at site
from his myname home directory. This is great.

For Mailman, it is very bad, since ti gives you headaches 
whenever you want to set up a mailman list named zope-users,
when a user zope is also existent.

Problem: putting .qmail redirections into zope's home doesn't work,
since you can of course spawn the Mailman wrappers, but they will
complain because they want to be run from the mailer's GID, not 

Solution: in /var/qmail/users/assign put the following lines:


(there must always be a single dot line).

This tells qmail that every address beginning with "zope-" is
not handled by zope, but by the alias user. The alias user
runs under the correct GID, and its .qmail-default uses the
/etc/aliases.cdb, which is what we need.

cheers - chris

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