[Mailman-Users] README.QMAIL

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Sat Feb 27 21:07:03 CET 1999

I have collated Martin Preishuber and Christian Tismer's suggestions
on how to configure qmail for use with Mailman.  I append this below
(which I will check in as README.QMAIL).  Could you folks who use
qmail please proofread and send me any corrections or additions?


-------------------- snip snip --------------------

There are some issues that users of the qmail mail transport agent
have encountered.  None of the core maintainers use qmail, so all of
this information has been contributed by the Mailman user community,
especially Martin Preishuber and Christian Tismer.

- You might need to set the mail-gid user to either "qmail" or
  "nofiles" by using the --with-mail-gid configure option.

- If there is a user `mailman' on your system, the alias
  `mailman-owner' will not work by default.  You have to do a
  "touch .qmail-owner" in ~mailman directory to create this alias.

- In a related issue, if you have any users with the same name as one
  of your mailing lists, you will have problems if list names contain
  `-' in them.  Putting .qmail redirections into the user's homedir
  doesn't work because the Mailman wrappers will not get spawned with
  the proper GID.  The solution is to put the following lines in the
  /var/qumail/users/assign file:


  where in this case the listname is e.g. zope-users.

- You have to make sure that the localhost can relay.  If you start
  qmail via inetd and tcpenv, you need some line the following in your 
  /etc/hosts.allow file:

  tcp-env: 127. 143.205.200 : setenv RELAYCLIENT

  where 143.205.200. is your domain.  If you use tcpserver, then you
  need something like the following in your /etc/tcp.smtp file:


- More information about setting up qmail and relaying can be found in 
  the qmail documentation.

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