[Mailman-Users] Wierd Mailman problem

Andy Harrison andy at nachoz.com
Wed Jan 13 16:20:30 CET 1999

On 12-Jan-99 Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
>>>>>> "GH" == George Hartz <georgeh at blowtorch.com> writes:
>     GH> The web interface seems to work okay, although I don't get
>     GH> anything in the archives. Should clicking on the archives link
>     GH> work before any messages have been posted to the list?
> No, that's a buglet.  The archive link is not functional until at
> least one message has been posted to the list.

What if messages have been posted to the list but the archiving still isn't

E-Mail:  Andy Harrison <andy at nachoz.com>
Date:  13-Jan-99
Time:  10:15:31

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