[Mailman-Users] rename a mailing list

David Rocher davroc at hplb.hpl.hp.com
Wed Jan 13 17:51:22 CET 1999

 what are the steps to rename a mailing list foo to bar ?

 . change the aliases
 . archives/private/foo -> archives/private/bar
   archives/private/foo.mbox -> archives/private/bar.mbox
   archives/public/foo -> archives/public/bar
   archives/public/foo.mbox -> archives/public/bar.mbox
 . lists/foo/ -> lists/bar/
 . perhaps change something into lists/bar/config.db
 . perhaps change something into data/pending_subscriptions.db
 . locks/foo.lock -> locks/bar.lock

 is it enough and right ?
 perhaps a renamelist command should be better!

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