[Mailman-Users] Running Mailman, webs server and mail transport on separate servers.

John Morton jwm at plain.co.nz
Thu Jan 21 01:20:02 CET 1999


In the LISA XII paper, there's a brief discussion about it being
possible to run Mailman, a web server and the mail transport all on
separate machines (page 310 under 'Web Interfaces to Mailing Lists,
paragraph 4)  , but few details of how this is achieved. 

Our scenario:

We've got a collection of clients with virtual domain web sites hosted 
on both a Linux box and an NT box. Mailman (and the mail transport)
reside on another machine. 

We want to be able to supply mailing list services to clients whose
customized web interfaces appear to live under there domain
(ie. http://site.on.the.NT.box/mailman/listinfo/theirlist) but all the 
action actually happens on the mail machine. 

My current guess is that this will require setting 'Host name this
list prefers' and 'Base URL form Mailman web interface' options to the 
particular virtual domain, and setting up wrapper scripts on the web
machine that pass the cgi arguments to the real cgi program on the
mail machine via ssh. And a quick look at the Defaults.py shows that
the SMTP server can be pointed to something other than localhost
(though that's not an issue here).

I'm looking to put together a HOWTO type of file about this sort of
setup, so if anyone can mail me any good solutions, past experience,
cases where this setup is preferable to installing mailman on the
server machine, and so on, I'll post a summary back to the list.


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