[Mailman-Users] Qmail compatibility

Christopher G. Petrilli petrilli at amber.org
Thu Jan 28 16:11:14 CET 1999

On Thu, Jan 28, 1999 at 11:41:57AM +0100, Tomas Fasth wrote:
> J C Lawrence wrote:
> > Look into Exim -- Good Stuff.
> I concur. After years of sendmail hack Exim is a dream to operate.

I've heard much the same from a few other people I know who run it at
large installations... then again, anything has got to be better than

> If sendmail equals perl, can one say that exim equals python? ;-)

Having hacked on the source code to Postfix some, I can honestly say
that he's written the single most readable piece of C code in
existance... after that gawky dutchman of course! :-)  It's a model of
usable variable names in most places... maazing C code that you can

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