[Mailman-Users] URGENT Plz.

Harald Meland Harald.Meland at usit.uio.no
Wed Jun 2 23:20:39 CEST 1999

[Mohammad K. Ghanbari]

> I installed mailman under a redhat linux 5.1, I can do everything (run its
> cgi, add group and ...), but I don;t know what shoudl I do for mail
> aliasing.

The installation of the actual mail aliases to make the connection
between certain email addresses and the running of the Mailman mail
scripts is highly dependant on what MTA you are using.

>From the INSTALL file:

    - Add aliases for `mailman' and `owner-mailman' to the system's
      mail alias database.  These aliases should point to whoever is
      ultimately responsible for the Mailman installation.  Here are
      instructions for those running sendmail:

          1. su to root.
          2. Assuming your email is fred at flintstone.com, add the following
             lines to the file /etc/aliases:
             mailman: fred at flintstone.com
             mailman-owner: mailman

          3. Some versions of sendmail require you to run the program
             'newaliases' explicitly.

      If you don't run sendmail, consult the documentation of your
      mail transport program for information on adding these aliases.
5. Getting started

    - Create a list named `test'.  To do so, run the program
      $prefix/bin/newlist.  You will be prompted for the name of the
      list, as well as the email address of the person running the
      list.  Put your own email address as the list administrator's
    - Running newlist will generate a list of aliases that must be
      added to the system.  If you are running Sendmail, you may add
      the lines output directly to the file /etc/aliases.  You may
      need to run the command 'newaliases' (all as root).  Now the
      mailing address for your list as well as its administrative
      addresses will be set up.  If you are not running Sendmail,
      consult your MTA's documentation for information on adding


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