[Mailman-Users] duplicate messages sent

Brian Ryner bryner at uiuc.edu
Thu Jun 3 01:08:21 CEST 1999

Maybe a bit of time information would help...

The cron queue runner runs at 12 and 42 minutes after the hour.  The
message was sent at 10:10, but the first relay=mailman at localhost entry
doesn't show up until 10:33 (at the same time as a bin at localhost
entry).  There are some other deliveries to the list between those two,
and none of those were duplicated.  There are some other list deliveries
just a few seconds after the first relay=mailman at localhost, which are
not duplicated.  It would appear that all of the list deliveries after
that are duplicated.  And, I think I mentioned this before, but the two
copies of the message always seem to be delivered by different sendmail
processes (although I haven't gone through verifying that for each

Perhaps someone can put all of this together.

Another thing I probably should mention is that awhile back I messed up
the permissions on the mailman stuff.  I'm pretty sure I got them all
changed back correctly, but is there some way for that to be incorrect
and cause this sort of thing?

Harald Meland wrote:
> Of course, these two delivery processes should _never_ interfer with
> each other -- and from my reading of the source, I can't understand
> why they would.  This is how it all goes:

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