[Mailman-Users] Can I change a user's password for him?

Mitchell Marks mitchell at walrus.uchicago.edu
Thu Jun 3 15:37:18 CEST 1999

A subscriber tells me that the password generated for him is not working as 
the "old password" entry in the change-password section, and indeed it 
doesn't work when I go to his config page and try it.  He sent it to me in 
what looked like an excerpt from the message sent to him from the "Email my 
password to me" button.  It also doesn't work for viewing the list's 
private archive as him.

If this were his general login password, I would offer to change it for 
him.  Is there something analogous I can do for his list subscriber 
password?  For that matter, is it correct that, like system passwords, 
these are in one-way encryption?  Or on the contrary, is there a way (as 
root or mailman) to go in and read it from a file, or maybe even alter it 
in a text file?

Mitch Marks

P.S. As I'm currently a "digested member" of this list, I'd appreciate it 
if any responses were cc:ed to me directly (mitchell at cuip.uchicago.edu), 
instead of only to the list..

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