[Mailman-Users] Wait wait, don't tell me! (was Re: Can I change a user's password for him?) password for him?)

Mitchell Marks mmar at midway.uchicago.edu
Thu Jun 3 15:51:54 CEST 1999

Okay, I did figure out something: use the mailman sitepass in the "old 
password" space.  It then accepted the change.

I'd still be interested in hearing about access through the filesystem or a 
program.  BTW, where would be the best place to look for documentation on 
the programs in bin?  Like, which are intended for use from the command 
line, syntax, and what they do?


Mitch Marks

At 08:37 AM 6/3/99 , Mitchell Marks wrote:
>A subscriber tells me that the password generated for him is not working 
>as the "old password" entry in the change-password section, and indeed it 
>doesn't work when I go to his config page and try it.  He sent it to me in 
>what looked like an excerpt from the message sent to him from the "Email 
>my password to me" button.  It also doesn't work for viewing the list's 
>private archive as him.
>If this were his general login password, I would offer to change it for 
>him.  Is there something analogous I can do for his list subscriber 
>password?  For that matter, is it correct that, like system passwords, 
>these are in one-way encryption?  Or on the contrary, is there a way (as 
>root or mailman) to go in and read it from a file, or maybe even alter it 
>in a text file?
>Mitch Marks
>P.S. As I'm currently a "digested member" of this list, I'd appreciate it 
>if any responses were cc:ed to me directly (mitchell at cuip.uchicago.edu), 
>instead of only to the list..

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