[Mailman-Users] Archiving Automatically

Feisal Umar afu at altek.com.my
Sat Jun 5 04:44:49 CEST 1999

Earlier I had a problem where whenever I tried to access the "Downloadable
version" version of my list's archive. (The xxx.txt.gz has permission 600)

I managed to fix it via manually running $prefix/bin/arch <listname>

Shouldn't the bin/arch function be run automatically for each of my list?
My list works fine in all other aspect (fingers crossed) except for
'downloadable archive'.

Did I miss a step elsewhere? 

Thanks in advance 

Feisal Umar, Project Manager 
Huge, Friendly and Entertaining http://altavista.skali.com
Skali Multimedia Applications Centre http://www.altek.com.my/smac

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