[Mailman-Users] Problem: All passwords rejected

Johan Lindh jli at smtp.pcexpress.se
Tue Jun 8 17:04:21 CEST 1999


I'm trying out mailman to see how it works, but I can't log in using the admin interface.
I've tried both the list password and the super-admin password, with the correct case =), and
both fail with the "Sorry, wrong password. Try again." message.

This is a first installation of mailman-1.0rc1.
Mailer is qmail.
Webserver is Apache 1.3.6.
System is a RedHat 5.1.
Python is 1.5.2.

The single problem I can think of is that there are two Pythons installed; 1.5.1 _and_ 1.5.2. 
The 1.5.1 is in RPM form, and came with RedHat, 1.5.2 is installed from sources.
1.5.2 is the Python that runs when I start it from the prompt.


Johan Lindh
jli at smtp.pcexpress.se

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