[Mailman-Users] performance again...

Ricardo Kustner ricardo at miss-janet.com
Tue Jun 8 22:14:13 CEST 1999


well, it happened again last night that the system load jumped to abnormal levels 
on our server when some messages where being approved in admindb so I had to try 
to telnet to it again and issue a shutdown to the machine... It's getting really 
unworkable like this... :(
recently, one of the people who use the moderating page told me that she often
moderates by selecting several messages to approve on 1 page and then press the submit 
button (to be honest i didnt even know that was possible myself) -- i guess that's 
what can cause things going wrong: too many messages are being send at the same time
and mailman goes bezerk... does anybody have idea how i can fix this? or is this a bug
in mailman? i really need to fix it soon... there are other things running on that 
server too and it needs to be up 24h a day... if i happen to be online i usually fix 
it in 30-60 mins (telnetting to a server with 60+ systemload can take a while) but if 
i'm not around it can be down all night :(


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