[Mailman-Users] List-in-list inclusions, "mixed" lists

Trevor Johnson trevor at jpj.net
Thu Jun 10 09:23:46 CEST 1999

Mitch Marks writes:

> The interesting settings about sending password reminders to "-owner" 
> addresses instead of unmodified member addresses seem very useful for 
> *completely* umbrella lists, whose members are only other lists.  But I 
> didn't see a way to selectively mark members one way or the other.  Any 
> suggestions?  (Or can this go under "enhancement requests"?)

Anyone who has access to the Web (probably the great majority of
subscribers) can have their password mailed via the Web form.  I'd suggest
just turning off the reminders.  If the password were included in the
response to a "help" command, then there would be no need at all for the

> 	Subject: Re: [List 1] [List 2] Re [List 2] [List 1] Re [List 1] 
> [List2]  The Original Topic

The way majordomo deals with this is that if the token appears anywhere in
the subject, a new one doesn't get added.  If you changed one of the lists
to majordomo, the growth would probably stop with at most three tokens. :) 
Trevor Johnson

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