[Mailman-Users] Editing messages (Was: Performance problems and MailMan)

Per Starback starback at ling.uu.se
Fri Jun 11 16:12:37 CEST 1999

In April Joe Vaughan asked how to make mailman strip out some header
he didn't like in the messages.  I haven't seen any answer to that
though, and I can't answer it myself.

Let's make the question more general.  How can I apply a program
on every message sent to the list where I can do any kind of
mutilation on the message before it gets through?  (I don't know
python.  I guess I could learn if necessary, but the most convenient
would be if an external program could be run for this.)

I don't know exactly where to start though.

(What I want in this case is to edit multipart/alternative messages so
as to only keep text/plain alternative.  But I'm sure there are other
things I'd like to do as well.)
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