[Mailman-Users] Update vs Install

Richard Ames richard at linsup.com
Tue Jun 15 22:26:34 CEST 1999

Josh -

After reading the INSTALL and UPGRADING files in rc2, I concluded that all I
needed to do was './configure' and then 'make install'.  This worked well
for me (I have a virgin install of rc1).

The note at the end of the 'make install' output said to do 'make upgrade'
which I then did. It spewed some confusing output about how my lists were
all OK - I concluded that 'make update' was for converting lists from an old
format that I don't have....



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> Question....
>  I have 1.0rc1. I unpacked the archive and did a
> ./configure
> and then a
> make update
> It said it updated the mail lists. However on the web pages it says rc1.
> Is that ok? Should I have done a make install from rc1 to rc2?
> -Josh

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