[Mailman-Users] Permissions problems

Tor Houghton th at nextel.no
Wed Jun 16 14:59:55 CEST 1999

I had the same problems too, going from 1.0b9 to rc2; I finally got fed
up and reinstalled, making sure I had copies of the various mailing list

For some reason, mailman INSISTED on sending all mail to the list-admin of
a list when a subscribed member sent mail to the list. (Ouch, bad English
there, but I hope you got my meaning.)


Tor Houghton.

On 15 Jun 1999, Harald Meland wrote:

> [Richard B. Pyne]
> > Every time I have installed a new update, I have had to spend
> > litterally hours fighting with permissions issues.
> As far as I can remember, it has worked for me -- every time.  More
> explicit reports on exactly what went wrong are, of course, most
> welcome.
> > PLEASE if the install scripts can't be made to set permissions and
> > ownership correctly then at least document CLEARLY who needs to own
> > what and what permissions are necessary.
> I'm hoping to have the time to create an auto-permission-checker.  I
> guess that most of the time needed to make such a beast will be spent
> thinking through exactly the things you want documented -- the hard
> part being not to go making invalid assumptions on what
> users/groups/filesystem features/whatever are available/in use on any
> particular system.
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> Harald
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