[Mailman-Users] List-in-list inclusions, "mixed" lists

Harald Meland Harald.Meland at usit.uio.no
Thu Jun 17 18:53:38 CEST 1999

[Trevor Johnson]

> Mitch Marks writes:
> > The interesting settings about sending password reminders to "-owner" 
> > addresses instead of unmodified member addresses seem very useful for 
> > *completely* umbrella lists, whose members are only other lists.  But I 
> > didn't see a way to selectively mark members one way or the other.  Any 
> > suggestions?

Not any really good ones, but here's a try:

If list "foobar" has both user and list members, you could make lists
"foobar-lists" and "foobar-users", and make their addresses the only
members on "foobar".  User addresses then go on "foobar-users", and
list members on "foobar-lists".  "foobar" and "foobar-lists" are pure
umbrella lists.  All these three lists could be set up to have the
same subject prefix.

> (Or can this go under "enhancement requests"?)

Yes, I for one would like to take the "include additional members from
<source>" stuff up for review post-1.0.

> Anyone who has access to the Web (probably the great majority of
> subscribers) can have their password mailed via the Web form.  I'd suggest
> just turning off the reminders.

This has the problem that anyone could "pretend" to be a list member
and have the list's password mailed to the list.

> If the password were included in the response to a "help" command,
> then there would be no need at all for the reminders.

I posted a patch for making the "password" mail command return the
users password when given without any arguments.

> > 	Subject: Re: [List 1] [List 2] Re [List 2] [List 1] Re [List 1] 
> > [List2]  The Original Topic
> The way majordomo deals with this is that if the token appears anywhere in
> the subject, a new one doesn't get added.

... which happens to be exactly what Mailman does (even though I
confess to having messed this up in rc2, see simple patch in

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