[Mailman-Users] Internationalization (was Reply-problems)

Harald Meland Harald.Meland at usit.uio.no
Thu Jun 17 19:28:21 CEST 1999

[The List Server Administrator at UNH]

>     I agree that trying to build this into the server would not be
>     a good idea.  But I do think this would be a good thing to add to
>     the list of "internationalization features" for future version.

As Mailman does absolutely _no_ munging of "Re:" subject prefixes
today, I don't see why it should try to do anything with
language-specific versions of this prefix, either.  This is really a
_client_ problem.

Trying to be smart about these things on the server _will_ backfire.

What site- og list-specific message filters will do to messages they
get fed (in post-1.0 Mailman), however, is not something Mailman can
be held responsible for.  So, if someone wants to do something like

  perl -ple '$_ = "Subject: Re: $3" if m/^subject:\s*((re|sv|ad):\s*)+(.*)/i'

they're welcome to do so in a home-made filter (but don't blame
Mailman when this filter mangles a messages Subject in a way it
shouldn't have done).

>     My point is, it might be worthwhile to have localization be
>     configurable on a list-by-list basis since I have seen list
>     server sites that support both English and Spanish language
>     lists on the same server.

On this I agree completely.

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