[Mailman-Users] Subject Line Munging

Tony Abbott tabbott at intekom.com
Sat Jun 19 19:59:52 CEST 1999

This is a bug. I seem to remember a patch being posted quite recently
for this. Check the archives.


Roy Rapoport wrote:
> Looks like my lists are correctl prepending a TAG to the subject
> line when configured to do so.
> But it looks like when people respond to email, mailman doesn't
> bother to filter out the old occurances of the TAG.  So in other
> words:
> Someone sends an email to the list titled 'foo'.
> List gets subject 'TAG foo'
> Someone responds with 'Re: TAG foo'
> List gets 'TAG Re: TAG foo'
> etc.
> Is this correct behavior? Am I missing a config switch or something?
> -roy
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