[Mailman-Users] Latest mailman not getting authorization cookies

John Antypas jantypas at prosofteng.com
Fri Jun 25 22:15:29 CEST 1999

OK - I'm stumped.... anyone out there care to enlighten me PLEASE?

I have been running Mailman at our site for awhile now and recently upgraded
to the latest "c" release.  Other than a few quirks with permissions because
I reloaded the old lists off tape, everything went well except for one

She's on a Mac running Internet Explorer 4.5 for Mac and previous to this
upgrade she had admin control of a couple of lists.  All worked. After the
upgrade, she can access the admin page, but every time she tries to actually
ALTER anything and commit the change:

a) she is asked for a password (again)
b) eventually she is told that "authorization failed " and something about

She tried clearing her cookies but that's not helping.  I don't see anything
obvious, and other users don't seem to have the problem.  What is Mailman
really trying to tell me?1

Logs don't say anything obvious.

John Antypas
Prosoft Engineering

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