[Mailman-Users] inserting mbox files?

Corbett J. Klempay cklempay at acm.jhu.edu
Mon Mar 1 22:09:23 CET 1999

At 08:22 PM 3/1/99 +0100, you wrote:
>According to Corbett J. Klempay:
>> the guy who previously ran the list has an mbox file of the last 100+
>> messages from when it was still under majordomo.  Is there any way for me
>> to have these archived?
>just run
>  arch <listname> <mboxfile>
>as user mailman.  arch is in mailman's bin directory.

This is exactly what I tried on first guess...and I get this output:

[mailman at chimera whs1996.mbox]$ /home/mailman/bin/arch whs1996 whs1996.mbox
Pickling archive state into
[mailman at chimera whs1996.mbox]$ 

But when I try to view the archives, I just see:
The whs1996 Archives 
More info on this list... 
Currently, there are no archives. 

Any ideas?  Is this something broken in b6? (which is what I'm running)


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