[Mailman-Users] [ANNOUNCE] Mailman 1.0b9

Per Starback starback at ling.uu.se
Tue Mar 2 00:04:17 CET 1999

Barry wrote:

> But I'd like b10 to be the last beta.  It's time to get 1.0 out the
> door (I know I've said this before -- this time I mean it :-).

That sounds good!  As a very new user of Mailman I can say that the
beta version number was one thing that made me hesitant about using
Mailman when I recently looked around wondering what MLM I should
switch to. (I'm finally leaving SmartList after several years.)

> Enjoy, and let me know if I missed anything.

It's always nice to have the NEWS file or something like that in
announcements of new versions so you can decide if you want to upgrade
without having to fetch and unpack the whole thing:

# Differences between 1.0b8 and 1.0b9
# - New bin scripts: clone_member, list_members, add_members (a
#   consolidation of convertlist and populate_new_list which have been
#   removed).
# - Two new readmes have been added: README.LINUX and README.QMAIL
# - New configure option --with-cgi-ext which can be used if your Web
#   server requires extensions on CGI scripts.  The extension must
#   include a dot (e.g. --with-cgi-ext=".cgi").
# - Many bug fixes, including the setgid problem that was causing mail
#   to be lost on some versions of Linux.

Hm, --with-cgi-ext was in 1.0b8 too.  At least it's mentioned in the
INSTALL there, but I didn't use it.

Wish list:

 * Add Mail-Followup-To header.  (I've done that for myself, but
   I would appreciate not having to do it again, as well as I'd like
   to see more use of this useful although nonstandard header.)

 * Possibility for individual list members to say if they want
   a Subject line [tag] or not.  That would mean that there would have
   to be two versions of each message, but I think that would be worth
   it as the [tag]/no tag preference is more about the preferences
   (and mail situation) of individual list members that about the
   preferences of the list itself or its maintainer.  I would never
   add a tag like that on my lists per default, but if users who want
   it could get it explicitly that would be nice.

 * A line at the Membership Management page where you set default
   attributes for new users in the same way that you can change
   attributes for the existing users.  This more general feature
   would be instead of the

	Which delivery mode is the default for new users?
	When receiving digests, which format is default?

  questions on the Digest-member options page.
  I think I would like to set "hide" by default, and anyway I think
  it's better for the future to have one general way of setting the
  default instead of having to add new list options sometimes when new
  membership options are made.

I'm sorry if my wish list consists of things that have been beaten to
death here.  Being a list manager myself I should know better than to
jump in on a list without lurking for some time first. :-)

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