[Mailman-Users] Re: wishlist (was Re: [ANNOUNCE] Mailman 1.0b9)

Per Starback starback at ling.uu.se
Tue Mar 2 09:33:42 CET 1999

I wished for:

> >  * Add Mail-Followup-To header.  (I've done that for myself, but
> >    I would appreciate not having to do it again, as well as I'd like
> >    to see more use of this useful although nonstandard header.)

and Aaron Schrab wrote:

> No!  List servers should not be adding Mail-Followup-To headers, that's
> something that needs to be done at the sender's end.

Well, now Mailman supports inserting those infamous Reply-To headers 
pointing to the list which is infinitely more objectionable.  I can
see that a sender might want to set a certain Mail-Followup-To when
posting to several mailing lists, for instance, just like you would
use Followup-To in Usenet when posting to several groups.  Of course
that explicitly given header shouldn't be overwritten, but when
Mail-Followup-To isn't set I don't see any problem with setting it to
the list for a typical discussion list.

Many lists inser Reply-To headers to "make it easy for their
subscribers".  We who refuse to do that think that is should be easy
*both* to reply (personally) and to follow-up on a message, and that
mail programs [should] have different commands for those things.
But then a typical follow-up function of your mail program have to
actually work, that is to send the follow-up to the list, without you
having to edit the recipient list.

I can see that you might still object to this, because header munging
is inherently evil or because you have mailing lists which often get
posts with other recipients as well (that are not on the list), but
supporting this is better than pushing people into Reply-To munging at

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P.S. Not that it matters much anyway, as mailers typically don't know
about Mail-Followup-To...

P.P.S. More generally this would be possible with a general "add these
headers to list mail" option, which maybe would be useful for other
things as well, and easy to implement, I guess.  (Like the "Header
added to mail sent to regular list members"/"Header added to every
digest" options, but inserting headers instead of text in the body.)

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