[Mailman-Users] National fonts and letters

Janos.Zana at elfiz2.kee.hu Janos.Zana at elfiz2.kee.hu
Tue Mar 2 13:44:59 CET 1999

Most of Hungarian letters with diacritical symbols are available in
mailman. We use the symbol set ISO-8859-2 which consits of two more
letters: "o-doubleacute" and "u-doubleacute" (upper- and lowercase). When
I wrote them in my pages the mailman converted them - e.g. the
"o-doubleacute" was converted as o" (o and doublequote). Do anybody know
if there is any possibility using my own national letters or font sets?

János Zana    -- my "a-acute" is not converted...

- - -   Good rest to all that keeps the Jungle Law!  (Kipling)  - - -

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