[Mailman-Users] notes on my first big list message delivery

Vivek Khera khera at kciLink.com
Tue Mar 2 17:08:10 CET 1999

Last nite, I sent out the first broadcast on one of my lists using
Mailman.  This list consists of about 7,000 customers.

I set up the list to be moderated, and turned on auto-bounce
processing (no notify), with a 1 message bounce threshhold.

I populated the list from a text file from the old mailing list
software.  This took about 10 minutes using add_members.

Then I sent the email.  Immediately, as administrator, I started
getting bounce notices in my inbox.  Yuck!

They seem to be getting processed most of the time, but why do I get
copies of them?  I'd just as soon let the list software track the
bounces and leave me alone.  I selected the 'Disable and DON'T notify
me' option.  I'd really like a 'Remove and DON'T notify me option, as
well'.  Just how do I tell if a regular user is "disabled" from the
members listing?

The check for admin emails to the main list and diverting them doesn't
seem to work.  A few "unsubscribe" messages popped through, and were
put in the admin queue rather than actually processed.  Is that what's
supposed to happen?

One thing I'd *really* find useful: a way to lookup users based on a
substring.  With 7,000+ users, it is laborious to click until I find
an address.

Overall, it went well.  Now I just need to learn Python and start
fixing things myself! ;-)


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