[Mailman-Users] posting restrictions still confusing to me (or not working?)

Vivek Khera khera at kciLink.com
Tue Mar 2 21:29:13 CET 1999

>>>>> "AC" == Andy Carpenter <Andy.Carpenter at cs.man.ac.uk> writes:

>> Yet anyone who posts to the list gets deferred for admin approval with
>> the error that they must be on the list to post, including myself.
>> I'm running 1.0b9 (from CVS as of this morning.)

AC> This is probably because the person posting to the list does not have
AC> a password, not that they are not subscribe to the list.  It seems that
AC> adding members to a list using the mass subscribe option of the web
AC> interface without sending a mail message or using the add_members
AC> command line script adds does add members to the list, but does not
AC> set a password for them.  You can set a password by editing the the
AC> subscribers options and giving either the list or site password as the
AC> old password.

That wasn't the problem... I went in and changed my own password, and
still cannot post to the list.  I still get the "Only approved posters
may post without moderator approval." message.

The only way I get Mailman to allow posts without admin approval is to 
open it up for *anyone* to post to it, which is a bad thing, IMO.


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