[Mailman-Users] Installation Woes...

Grant Fengstad Grant_Fengstad at CdnAir.CA
Wed Mar 3 23:24:05 CET 1999

I'm having some problems getting mailman running properly:


 Sun Solaris 2.6
 python 1.51
 mailman 1.0b9

Everthing appears to install correctly.  The Web interface is working...

When I go to the URL for webserver/mailman/admin/list (list is an
example), I am able to authenticate as the list owner, but then am
presented with a page that indicates "List mailman not found".  Further,
I am unable to modify any of the attributes for my list.

I have created the aliases in the /etc/mail/aliases file and run

mailman:  admin at cdnair.ca
mailmain-owner: mailman

What am I doing wrong????

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