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J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Thu Mar 4 06:12:51 CET 1999

On 03 Mar 1999 18:33:42 +0100 
Harald Meland<Harald.Meland at usit.uio.no> wrote:

> As this (currently) is a non-standard header, I wouldn't feel good
> about putting explicit support for it into Mailman.  However, a more
> general "Add this header (standard or not) (if it doesn't exist
> already) to all messages to this list" might be good.  But not for
> 1.0, methinks.

This has my vote, as well as a set of pages to configure MailMan's
defaults for all other lists.  *THAT* would be incredibly useful
especially for corporate sites (I'm trying to roll out MailMan at VA

Note:  The default business should work as follows:  All list config
are either "default" or deviations from default.  Ergo, if a list is
configured and MailMan's defaults are later changed, the following
would happen:

  -- if the value is the same as the prior default, change the value
to the new default.

  -- if the value was changed from the prior default, leave it at its
current setting.

> There are lots of other good candidates for user configurable
> options concerning outgoing list messages: Adding a Reply-To:
> header, including the list footer, including the list header, and of
> course VERP.

I'd love an option to support only MIME digests and to turn off
support for RFC (forget number) digests.  I'd also love an option to
set a Reply-To specific to digests and different from the list config
for individual messages (I set it to a
Please.Do.Not.Reply.to.Digests.Burst.Instead at whereever).

Version 1.x stuff.

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