[Mailman-Users] Changed port, but not all scripts use the new address

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Thu Mar 4 15:03:50 CET 1999

I am using the Debian Linux package of Mailman v1.0b8.

I have changed the port that apache runs on from 80 to 5700.  I have
also updated my mm_cfg.py as follows:

DEFAULT_URL       = 'http://sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca:5700/mailman'

Now I am finding some of the URLs are correct, while others are
not.  In particular, all of the buttons on the listinfo page
(subscribe, visit subscriber list, edit options) point at the
old address (e.g. http://sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca/mailman/subscribe/nslug-test)

What have I missed?

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