[Mailman-Users] posting restrictions still confusing to me (or not

Christian Tismer tismer at appliedbiometrics.com
Mon Mar 8 22:24:48 CET 1999

Christopher Lindsey wrote:
> I sent mail to Barry about this, but I'll share it for those
> interested.  On my system (Linux 2.0.x, sendmail 8.9.3,
> procmail 3.12, and mailman 1.0b9),
>    sender = msg.GetEnvelopeSender()
> sets sender to 'listname-admin at example.com'.  So something
> somewhere is changing the envelope address prematurely (it
> should be changed *after* this function call).  syslog
> verifies that the message is send from listname-admin
> before pumping the message through
>    '|$prefix/mail/wrapper mailowner listname'
> But I don't understand why it's happening on certain systems and
> not on others.

SO my case might be different, since I do redirect from one
machine to the other (list moved:). Anyway, the patch
seems to be the solution for me.

cheers - chris

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