[Mailman-Users] Qmail users, never create another alias for Mailman lists!

bruce at hams.com bruce at hams.com
Mon Mar 15 17:42:46 CET 1999

From: Balazs Nagy <julian7 at kva.hu>
> Yeah.  It would be cool if it had been in Mailman, but you have to think
> what about non-qmail users.

For each local MDA, you need a way to determine the envelope address and split
that up into recepient and host name. That's all the script requires of an
MDA. Not all of them give you that information as easily as qmail, but I'd
imagine that most could be persuaded. A set of scripts, one for each MDA that
supports virtual domains, could and should be included with Mailman for
optional use by the installer.



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