[Mailman-Users] Sugestions

Edgard Castro castro at usmatrix.net
Tue Mar 16 18:37:15 CET 1999


	I'm currently using MailMan with Postfix and I noticed some
	'missing' features (or maybe my fault :P).

	Those are:	Disable sorting of recipients when injecting
			the messages. This will help using less
			memory when using MTAs like Postfix or QMail.

			Disable or hardlimit (globally) the number
			of concurrent SMTP connections that MailMan
			will open to inject the messages. This will
			be helpfull to let a user maintain it's our
			list without hogging the system down. (You
			know... Stupid users who set this to like

	Are these implemented? Sorry if it's already. :P

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