[Mailman-Users] Sugestions

Dave Sill ds-list-mailman at sws5.ctd.ornl.gov
Wed Mar 17 19:21:29 CET 1999

bruce at hams.com wrote:
>> And an example of why MX isn't granular enough:
>>   197935    74     74   1071.19  remote.elynxx at MIT.EDU
>>   197935    74     74    301.06  remote.gyouxx at MIT.EDU
>I don't understand why an MX would have different delays per _recepient_.
>In general it accepts the mail, hangs up the SMTP connection, and _then_
>tries to deliver it.

In general, perhaps... In this specific case, that's obviously not
true. These statistics reflect 74 approximately simultaneous
deliveries of the same messages to two addresses at the same
MX. Perhaps mit.edu's mailer doesn't just queue the message and
declare victory. Maybe it waits for the next delivery to succeed. Or
maybe they do per-user spam filtering and elynxx has lots of filters
and gyouxx doesn't. Who knows? The point is that you have to look at
recipients, not MX's to optimize list order for an MTA that doesn't
group by MX.


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