[Mailman-Users] Feature questions.

The List Server Administrator at UNH listadm at metaphor.unh.edu
Wed Mar 17 19:25:15 CET 1999

   Dear Mailman Users,

   I am currently investigating migrating our mailing list services from
   CREN ListProc to Mailman.  I have a few specific questions which I was
   unable to answer by looking at the FAQ or the list archives.  Perhaps
   someone on this list can help.

   o  What are the restrictions for the name of the list.  I.e. how long
      can the list name be and what characters are allowed -- or if it is
      a shorter list, disallowed.  :-)  

      BTW I am already aware that Mailman maps the name to lowercase -- a
      Good Thing(tm) I would think.

   o  Is there a built-in user address alias facility?  Is it available
      server wide?  On a list-by-list basis?
      For example, we currently have 5 systems that all share the same
      usernames and directories -- that is, a user may log into any of
      these systems and get their home environment.  Now on our current
      ListProc server we are able to use a server-wide re-write rule such
      that any mail from:

          wfc at alberti.unh.edu
          wfc at christa.unh.edu
          wfc at hopper.unh.edu

      will be changed to the generic:

          wfc at cisunix.unh.edu

      (There are historical reasons why this isn't already the return
      address from these nodes, but in any case...)

      This aliasing is done by the ListProc list server very early on in
      *all* mail processing, so even if a person subscribes themselves
      using one of these specific node names, the re-written address gets
      save to the subscriber file instead.

      Now this re-writing could be handled at the MTA level, but given 
      that Mailman also allows subscriptions via a web page, I would 
      think that this re-write needs to happen within the server's 
      arena instead to maintain consistency.  

      So, does this aliasing feature currently exist in Mailman?  Or,
      given Mailman's architecture, would it seem like a reasonable hack 
      for a programming literate site-admin to implement?

      TIA for your time and help.

                                           The List Server Admin
                                           list.admin at unh.edu
                                           (currently Bill Costa)

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