[Mailman-Users] no mail

Roger Pe?a Escobio roger at infomed.sld.cu
Fri Mar 19 14:30:59 CET 1999

>The only problem now seems to be no mail! I went back throught the
>installation messages, and it seems to be using the correct group for
>mail; but in my test last evening, the message I "sent out" never got
>mailed anywhere.
>Hints & comments welcome (besides the obvious "it will be apparent from
>reading the makefile/INSTALL/UPGRADE file...").

first of all look if you have the alias of the list in the aliases file,
look in the maillog file maybe you find some king of trace that allow you to
figure out what is hapen, another thing that you to check is permission of
the wrapper programs, it must be sgid by mailman

>cheers -
>-- Philip.
>philip zimmermann           paz at apriori.net
>www.apriori.net             ayer, ma    usa
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