[Mailman-Users] Sending a human message to the LISTNAME-request address.

John W Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Fri Mar 19 22:35:51 CET 1999

At 15:50 -0500 3/19/99, The List Server Administrator at UNH wrote:
>     I would rather see the *-request address used for contacting a
>     human since that is how it is most widely used.

With Majordomo, *-request is also widely used as a portal to the 
server.  The list setup instructions discuss both the "send the 
request to Majordomo@" method and the "send the request to 
*-request@" method.  (We have both set up, but only talk about 

I don't know how the Majordomo population as a whole sets up their 
lists...I do know that all of our not-very-many lists use *-request@ 
to reach the server, and *-owner and owner-* to reach a human.  [And 
we can't change now, since our users are trained that way, although 
when we switch to Mailman (not before 1.0 non-beta) we will retrain 
them to the Web.]

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