[Mailman-Users] Site configurable server messages. (was Sending a human message...)

The List Server Administrator at UNH listadm at metaphor.unh.edu
Fri Mar 19 22:56:52 CET 1999

    BC = Bill Costa <List.Admin at unh.edu>
    DD = Dan Delaney <Dionysos at Dionysia.org>
    GS = Greg Stein <gstein at lyra.org>

BC> > > Separating the displayed text from the code allows for much
BC> > > easier internationalization as well as making it easier for
BC> > > different sites to customize the messages as necessary to
BC> > > reflect local policies.
DD> > That is an excellent idea.

GS> Yah, all great and excellent and whatnot. Somebody has to do it. Either
GS> of you could certainly volunteer to submit the patches to do this in the
GS> post-1.0 release.

     I'll go on record that if we adopt Mailman to replace ListProc at
     this site, I would be more than happy to volunteer to do this.
     What will it take to come to a consensus that this would indeed 
     be a Good-Thing(tm) to do?

                                           The List Server Admin
                                           list.admin at unh.edu
                                           (currently Bill Costa)

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